Islamic trading account

Accounts free of interest

JapanCFD is happy to present JapanCFD Islamic accounts which are free from interest in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia law.


Through the trading conditions that apply to an Islamic account, JapanCFD will not be collecting any extra commissions on Swap transactions for the trading account.

What does an Islamic account mean?

It is simply free account without interest and also devoid of usurious loans, where, according to Islamic law prohibits a Muslim to receive or pay any benefits in exchange trading operations.


Our JapanCFD Islamic accounts are different from regular Forex and JapanCFD accounts because overnight interest (also referred to as swap or rollover) is never credited to or debited from Islamic accounts. 

Terms of Islamic accounts

  • The transaction price will be paid in full without any delay.
  • Account will be free of commission and interest
  • Depending on the account type you will with your Islamic account have the same benefits as any other trader

Features Islamic account at JapanCFD:

  • No swaps Rollover.
  • Does not levy extra commission on the management on Islamic accounts.
  • There are no additional costs; the difference in points (spread) does not differ between all types of accounts.

So how do I open an Islamic account with JapanCFD?

  • Opening a real account or demo through the site
  • Send account information, account number or user name to our support staff which will automatically be transferred to the Arabic section.

Please note that all of the staff of the Arabic Language departments require adequate information in order to open for you an Islamic account

You can request a call back from our representative in order to speed up the process

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