Indices Trading with JapanCFD

Trading Indices with JapanCFD

Traditionally, a stock market index measures of the value of different sectors of the stock market, in relation to each other. Typically it is calculated as a weighted average price of selected stocks. Financial managers and investors use indices as a frame of reference to understand the growth of different market sectors by comparison to their own strategy.

Trading CFD Indices provides clients with exposure to all international equity markets, and is an extremely, effective hedging tool. JapanCFD is well aware of the important role these instruments play in diversifying any portfolio. With all major indices available including; NASDAQ, DAX, FTSE, CAC clients can take advantage of global market sentiment with the benefits of leverage, fast execution, and optimal trading conditions.

JapanCFD offers one of the largest ranges of stock indices of any online broker. You can choose from 31 different stock index CFDs, covering markets around the globe, and trade them right alongside your Forex trades.

JapanCFD index CFD trading gives you the opportunity to trade long or short instantly, 24 hours a day during the market week, all without paying any fees or commission.

JapanCFD’s selection of 31 stock index CFDs includes:

  • S&P 500 - The value of the Standard & Poor 500 is based on the share prices of 500 leading US-based companies
  • NASDAQ 100 - This index represents the value of 100 non-financial NASDAQ-traded companies
  • FTSE 100 - The FTSE 100 is a collection of 100 of the largest publicly-traded UK companies
  • DJ EURO STOXX 50 - Euro Stoxx 50 collects together 50 of the largest European companies’ share value
  • NIFTY 50 - A representation of 50 major companies traded on the National Stock Exchange of India

Trading Indices with JapanCFD

  • Daily Indices Analysis
  • Trade Indices with 1:100 Leverage
  • Fast Execution & Tightest Spreads
  • Multiple Platforms (Web, Desktop, Mobile)
  • Flexibility of trading fixed spread on Indices or variable ECN spread